Anxiety, Depression and Happiness

Anxiety, Depression and Happiness

Anxiety, Depression and Happiness

Anxiety and depression are not… all in your head!

With the understanding of the gut-brain relationship and the microbiome, we have learned that the majority of neurotransmitter signaling is actually coming from your gut.

BIOME IX (Butyrate) may significantly improve our mood, happiness and energy, also helping to alleviate chronic anxiety and depression.

A healthy gut is a happy mind!

Facts about the Gut-Brain Connection

Gut-Brain Connection
  • The gut & brain are in constant bi-directional communication through the vagus nerve
  • The bacteria in the gut digest the food you eat and create neurotransmitters
  • The lining of our gut contains an independent nervous system called the Enteric Nervous System
  • Studies in mice show that changes in the microbiome (gut bacteria) changed their behavior

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