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In 1975, when I was 17 years old, I was taken to the Doctor by my parents to be tested for a burning sensation in my throat and chest. I was taken through a series of tests, which concluded with an upper GI. I was told at that time that I should begin taking Maalox several times a day and not to eat Italian or Mexican foods, and to stay away from fast food restaurants. (Tell that to a 17 year old). Within a couple of years I discovered Rolaids, and then I found Tums. They were my life saver. I have taken Tums for the last 27 years. Every pair of pants I own, have a roll of Tums in the pocket. I purchased Tums by the 100 count bottle. My wife has a special Tums container in her purse just in case I misplace mine or run out and because I very often would have to deal with terrible heartburn in the middle of the night, I actually would place a couple of Tums on the edge of my dresser before going to bed.

My Doctor has repeatedly informed me that I needed to be on an acid reflux prescription. After searching for an alternative to starting the eventual journey to a hand full of prescriptions a day, I was told about [NCD]. I received my first bottle of NCD on December 24 and began taking it three times a day, three drops at a time. At that time I had half of a roll of Tums in my pocket. Today that half roll of Tums sits in my microwave. I have eaten Tacos, Buffalo Hot Wings, Baked Spaghetti, Pizza, and of course an amazing Christmas Dinner just 18 hours after starting the drops of NCD. I have not needed or taken another Tums since.
~ Mark Thompson, Michigan

I have a spouse that suffered a brain injury in an auto accident back in 2001. And he had tried a lot of different alternatives with different health professionals, in healing his brain. But he still had a lot of mental fatigue, and he would have to often nap, maybe three or four times a day, to get through the day. With the liquid zeolite, it was almost immediate, it worked so quickly, he said it was like a brain fog had lifted off his brain. And you know, he gets through every day now with a maximum one nap. Sometimes he doesn’t need any. And he just keeps going, It’s remarkable how much clearer he is. I see such a difference. It’s a God-send. It’s truly amazing how much better focus he has.
~ Barbara - Tampa

I am happy to write you this email to inform you that my father who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last August has now done a new CT Scan last Friday and the results show that the 5.5cm tumour in the body of the pancreas has totally disappeared. The radiologist has told him that the pancreas is clean with no trace of any tumour. The liver still has one spot but she said most probably it’s the remaining scar from the cancer spots he had and she said most probably everything is indicating that the cancer is dead or near dead. She said I don’t know what got this kind of highly positive result but ‘something worked’ she said. The tumour marker kept coming down steadily even after he voluntarily stopped the chemotherapy. His tumour marker blood test has now come down to 78 from 6800 and it needs to come to 37.

We believe God’s answer to our prayers was amongst other things - homeopathy and natural products like liquid zeolite. I thank you for your great help. It is incredible that from a very poor prognosis of a few months life, we ended up having such a marvelous result only 4 & a half months down the line.

We will definitely keep on using liquid zeolite regularly and am trying to recommend it to many people. However unfortunately the majority of people trust only what their doctors tell them and shut off all these successful alternatives only to pursue the path that has often proven to be ineffective over and over again. But even if we convince one person it would still be a great satisfaction being able to help someone save his life.

We know someone else in Malta with pancreatic cancer who made a marvelous improvement through alternative means. She was using zeolite but at a very low dosage. Now we put her in contact with our homeopath and she adjusted her dosage. I sincerely thank you again. My family and I wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year. God Bless.
~ Roderick

I suffered for years with depression which is on a par with anxiety insomuch that it keeps you isolated from normal living! I found the special liquid zeolite product through John G. I did not jump at it as I thought I knew everything there was to know about my health, but got persuaded by the testimonials to give it a go!

I did the 4 week detox and FELT my brain crawling! My depression lifted like a blanket being taken off! It was the most exhilarating feeling I had ever had! Since then I am sane, happy and since the MegaDefense has been available my heart problems (mother and father both died of heart attacks) have disappeared and the latest breakthrough is: no more urinary incontinence! I was starting to think that an operation was inevitable but one morning it just STOPPED being a problem and the only difference in my life was the MegaDefense!

Thank you John for my new life and thank you Waiora for making these amazing products! I know it’s my body that does the healing, but the fact that it can now work without the load of toxins is pretty awesome!”
~ Barbara L.

My grandmother of 86 yrs has been in failing health for the past 3 years. She has emphysema, asthma and arthritis. For the past eight months her ability to even walk across her apartment has been a struggle due to lack of energy, breathing problems and joint pain. She has literally not left her apartment except for an occasional doctor’s appointment in months. As my aunts and I would take care of her, the future seemed bleak.

On August 16th I visited her and shared a heart essentials product and the zeolite. I gave her the information, asked her to read it and gave her the product. I explained to her that trying it would not hurt her and if it helped it would be wonderful, but what did she have to lose? It was all natural and I was giving it to her!

She began taking the zeolite right away and I spoke to her for the first time yesterday afternoon. Her voice was GREAT! Her exact words “Debbi, I FEEL WONDERFUL, I do not know what this has done but I can breathe, my energy level is back and in fact, sorry I missed your call earlier, but I went shopping at Wal-Mart!” She said her ability to walk and her energy level had increased tremendously so please, order her more and she will pay for it this time! I have not heard this excitement from her in a long time!

Thank you zeolite for bringing life back into someone I love very much!
~ Debbi G. Tulsa Oklahoma

I have been an RN since 1971 and was an OB labor and delivery nurse for over 30 years. Then I moved to hospice nursing after my back began to bother me. Now I work for the State of Oklahoma for the OHCA as an exceptional needs coordinator in the Breast and Cervical Cancer Program for SoonerCare Medicaid as an Exceptional Needs Coordinator.

I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Fibromyalgia in 1985. This causes profound fatigue, joint, ligament and muscle pain, sometimes a foggy memory and can cause other organ damage. I developed Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis with a goiter causing low thyroid function (an autoimmune thyroid problem). I also have osteoarthritis in my joints. My back has so many problems I was told to file for social security. Because of the scoliosis the degenerative disc disease from my neck to my lower back is not fixable. In the past my pain would sometimes be so intense I could not get comfortable. Sept 11, 2007 I began to take a healthy aging supplement, zeolite (10 drops three times a day) and a nutrient supplement drink. Within a week I noticed an improvement in movement, increase in energy and decrease in pain! Now, a month later my pain is down from about a 7-8-10 at times to about 0-1-2 most of the time!

Sometimes I have NO pain! I had forgotten what it feels like to not hurt! All I can say is I am a believer in these products because they work for me! Have a WONDERFUL day!
~ Marilyn M.

Some weeks ago, during a routine eye check-up my Optometrist expressed concern about the pressure in my left eye, and muttered something about Glaucoma. He said he wanted to see me again in two months, at which time he could talk about treatment.

I usually say to myself: “Is there anything I can do to help this?” And that’s when I remembered hearing someone on the call once mention that they used zeolite in their eyes for that “Mack Generation gap thing”, and I thought, “If they can do it, I can.” So I used it in my eyes.

Today those two months were up, and after putting those ‘pretty yellow drops’ in my eyes, he proceeded to examine my left eye. Then he said, “READ THAT FOURTH LINE FOR ME PLEASE”. I read it. He wrote something down on the chart. He examined the other eye and again wrote on my chart.


Now I’m wondering, should I have told him what I did? If so, I missed an opportunity. What can I do now?
~ Marg, Nova Scotia, Canada

I was first diagnosed with HIV in 1986, and developed full blown Aids in 1993 and was medically retired at that time. Right now I am on the prescription drugs lamivudine, triprolidine, stavudine, ranitidine, valacyclovir, hydrocodone, methadone and efavirenz.

I have had neuropathy in my legs since 1995. I think the neuropathy was caused by the drug AZT. I have not been able to spend much time standing or being physically active since that time. I spend most of my time sitting in a chair or laying down to help with the pain. I discussed having my legs amputated with my Doctor because the pain is so bad. He said I would still have ghost pain so that would not help.

In 1996 my CD4’s (white blood cells) were down to 3 which is near death. I have been using athletic knee supports from time to time since 1997. I went to the Doctor in July of 2005 with knee pain and was given a knee brace for my left knee. It has metal supports in it and it caused a lot of pain.

I started taking Natural Cellular Defense about Sept. 17, 2005. I take 15 drops 4 times a day. I have dogs that I take on walks everyday just to get exercise. By the time I would get home my knee was in such bad pain I was limping. I started putting a couple of drops of Natural Cellular Defense on my knee before going on my walks. Almost immediately I noticed less pain in my knee. Within a few days, I was able to take the dogs on walks without the knee brace and now I am able to run with very little pain. I can also mow my yard without taking a break before I finish. That used to be an all day job.

I have a lawn pond that I have dug up and refinished with very little pain. This was a major project. It had more rocks in it than it did dirt.

My energy level has increased so much since I have started using this product. I feel very good most of the time without the depression that I have had for years.

I will have blood work done again soon. After I get the results back I am going to talk to my Doctor about cutting out or back on my prescription drugs.
~ Gary, Spanaway, Washington

A funny thing has happened to me. My immune system has been extremely weak the last couple of years. After age 65 it seemed I was getting my share and everyone else’s share of colds and sore throats. When I noticed that liquid zeolite [NCD] supported a healthy immune system, I immediately started taking it.

Over the last three months of rain and unusual coldness in the Pacific Northwest, I have not come down with any cold or flu like symptoms, even though I have been in close contact with friends and grandchildren who had colds, flu and upper respiratory problems. When I start feeling that something is trying to grab me, I immediately drop three drops on my tongue and swallow. And when I swallow my throat seems to immediately react favorably to the drops.

Although I take liquid zeolite three times a day, I sense that the bedtime dosage and early morning dosage is most effective for me. I am quite skeptical by nature, but this stuff is all it’s cracked up to be. I am a believer!
~ Bob Dilworth

Before I started using these products, I had used a lot of very good wellness technologies and different modalities. About a year before I was introduced to these products, I had what I refer to as a couch accident. I had fallen asleep on my couch. I woke up at 2 o’clock in the morning, put my left foot on the floor, put my whole body weight on it, and I could hear and feel something snap. I could not walk on that leg. I hobbled back to bed and I used things that I had available to me over several days and several weeks.

I was pretty stubborn and I chose not to see a doctor because I thought it was getting better and would continue to get better. It finally reached a point where I thought I’d better go see a doctor. So I saw an orthopedic surgeon who did an MRI and he said I would definitely need surgery because I had some stuff loose in there that had to come out. I chose not to schedule that surgery and I learned to go up and down stairs in such a way that I did not have to bend that leg, because it was excruciating pain to bend that knee.

Then I was introduced to these products. I started taking liquid zeolite and a healthy aging product and I’m not sure exactly when I could bend that knee without it hurting, but I was thinking about it, because I can now do just about anything with that leg without pain.
~ Agnes

My 93 year old mother in law has had a history for over 4 years of chronically high blood levels for her kidney function. Because of her age, the doctor has chosen not to treat this with medication. Additionally, there is a huge family history of high cholesterol but, again because of her age and the side effects, has not treated the condition.

Recently, her anemia has required the doctor to add an iron supplement to the medications that she must take so we encouraged her to take 1 dose of our special fibre product once daily to address the side effects of the iron. Incredibly, in a short 5 days time (we know this because she needed to have blood tests done) from the time she started the fiber, her kidney function tests are in the normal range. Her last cholesterol test was done in December 2011 but the numbers had been high for so long that we believe they were also high until she started the fiber. Her triglycerides dropped from 216 to 85; her total cholesterol from 197 to 153; her LDL from 120 to 101; and her total cholesterol toHDL ratio improved from 5.79 to 4.37.

I can’t wait to see what the new results will be when she gets the blood testing done in mid September! Thanks for such an incredible product.
~ Kelley

I am a 49 year old female who had been basically healthy all my life. In 1999, after undergoing a hysterectomy, I was diagnosed with SLE Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, better known as Lupus. My first bout was really bad; I couldn’t walk, couldn’t breathe, was exhausted all the time and ached severely in every joint and bone in my body.

I have been on all the basic medications for Lupus, including powerful anti-inflammatory medications (Cytoxan therapy and massive doses of Prednisone). The Lupus symptoms would get somewhat better but the pain and aching and tiredness never went away. I also have Interstitial Lung Disease, due to the Lupus.

My step-father and mother asked me if I would be willing to try this new product and all it would involve was taking drops of zeolite, three times a day. I agreed to try them and for the first two or three weeks I found myself forgetting to take the second dose, so I wasn’t seeing a lot of difference in my pain. Then I got a severe case of bronchitis that knocked me flat on my back. Three different courses of antibiotics and it finally resolved.

I had also been hearing about this other product that was really helping my mother. I could definitely see and hear the difference in her. I started taking the healthy aging product she was using just as I was getting over my bronchitis. I was so weak and still not feeling well at all at this time. Within 3-4 days, I was noticing how much energy I had and that the arthritis pains that I have all the time had waned and hardly ever bothered me anymore. And I could breathe!!! My pulmonologist said my lung tests have improved and my rheumatologist says I am doing very well after such a long period of painful problems, including depression. Sometimes I have so much to get up and go that I wear myself out. I haven’t felt this good in a long time and I know it is due to the zeolite and the healthy aging products I use and will continue using. Sincerely,
~ Kimberly L. Nettleton, MS

Another area that has been difficult for me is menstrual cramps. I’ve had serious cramps my whole life except for a couple of years after I had my daughter. Sometimes they were bad enough to cause me to vomit. The last few years, the only way to cope was to take prescription doses of two over-the-counter pain medications (3 Advil together with 2 Aleve), 2 to 3 times a day the first 2 days. So, I wouldn’t be wracked with pain, but thinking clearly was out of the question and energy was very lacking. I was basically a walking half-zombie for at least one day a month.

Not so last week (Apr 2006)! I was pleasantly surprised when the pain never materialized!! For the first time I can remember - NO CRAMPS!!! I was a functional human being instead of a zombie. It was awesome! Every woman should be taking the liquid zeolite for this reason if no other. But the results got me to thinking about something else...why do the cramps go away for a while after we have a child? The only logical explanation I could arrive at was this. When we bear a child, all or a majority of the toxins in our body transfers to the baby. How bad is that? So, if you know anybody of childbearing age or pregnant or planning children, please share this with them. It will benefit their health, but just as important that of their children. Love to all.
~ Katy from WY

My 17 year old son has suffered with allergies since he was young. His morning ritual would be to get up and blow his nose. Not just blow, but “sound the trumpet.” About 3 months ago, I decided to time him. He blew his nose for 10 straight minutes. And we’re talking LOUD, consistent nose blowing. I even believe he was often tardy because of this. I had heard that zeolite had helped others with allergies, so I thought I’d try it. One morning, after about 4-5 days on zeolite (10 drops/ 3x day), I realized that the house was quiet. No nose blowing. I couldn’t believe it. So I decided to start journaling, just to see if maybe I was imagining things. I am happy to say that my son’s nose-blowing is down to maybe 10 SECONDS, now. The zeolite has truly been wonderful for him.
~ Karyn

“Hi. I’m Laura from Florida. A couple of months ago, sometime last year, round about August, I was cleaning fish and a bone stuck in my finger, and it was very painful. I went to the doctor. She peered at the sight and she could not find anything there, but I was feeling pain. And, on joining as a distributor, one day I said “let me try this product”. And Lo and Behold, in just two or three days the bone was able to come to the surface and my husband used the tweezers and pulled it out, and I’m pain free. Thank you. That’s my testimony. Thank you. Bye”.
~ Laura, Florida

When I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease about 3 years ago, I was prescribed medications that made me absolutely ill. I couldn’t drive my car. I also got so dizzy from them that I fell down and broke my ankle and my foot in four places.

About a year later, I was introduced to liquid zeolite and started taking it. Right away I noticed that my allergies and asthma that had plagued me all my life were gone. At first I was too afraid to stop the Parkinson’s meds. I finally stopped taking the meds and discovered that my Parkinson’s symptoms were all gone!!!. No more shaking, or getting stuck. I could walk with no difficulty.

I haven’t taken any meds for over a year and have had no recurring Parkinson’s symptoms. I really believe that the zeolites cleaned out all the pesticides and heavy metals that caused the symptoms in the first place. I still take it every day and will for the rest of my life. This product gave me my life back.
~ Pat.

My wife Vicki, had a total knee replacement on May 29. When I returned from the Mega D conference in Newport Beach I started her on the product and even though the staff at the hospital asked that she take no supplements before and during her stay in the hospital I continued to give her a double dose of Mega Defense. The nurse’s staff said she’s only the second person that needed no pain meds after this type of surgery, and we returned home that Friday.

Our physical therapist who visits every other day told Vicki yesterday that she is 95% ahead of where she should be at this time in her recovery. Were both thankful to the Lord, a skilled surgeon, and of course this company for developing such an Awesome product such as Mega Defense. Thanks.
~ Mike O.

I just wanted to thank you for bringing zeolite to the market. I was given a sample bottle after the Conference in Las Vegas and started using it immediately. I have suffered from Shingles on and off for the last 33 years. About a month before the conference in Vegas I had a very painful and severe outbreak, I started taking the drops as recommended, three drops, three times a day. After doing this for three days all the symptoms that I was suffering from disappeared!!! I am so excited about the zeolite product, I can’t wait to receive my shipment and start using it regularly. THANK YOU AGAIN, I am so proud to be a part of this company.
~ Linda B.

My former healthy, physically active husband, Ben, started losing weight at an alarming rate two years ago and in spite of many diagnostic tests, scans, scopes, loss of energy, loss of weight and cognitive decline, the cause could not be determined. Finally, in May 2009, tests revealed that within his bladder were abnormal growths of tissue that arise from uncontrolled cellular proliferation. Doctors indicated an advanced degree of severity.

Surgery was performed on May 22, 2009 and a six week chemo regimen followed. A biopsy in November indicated that the uncontrolled tissue growths were back.

November 19th Ben started taking 10 drops of a liquid zeolite product four or five times a day under his tongue. With his meals I gave him seven drops of a special mushroom product.

December 29th he underwent surgery again. Ten days later the pathology report came in and Ben’s medical doctor said he was absolutely astounded that there were no growths evident!

Ben has gained ten pounds, more energy, and his memory is improving. WOW, thank you for these products!
~ Jean K, Montana

My Testimony : As of today, this morning to be exact, I had an endoscopy, (where they look down your esophagus and into your stomach with a tube). I had gastric reflux and three stomach ulcers at my last endoscopy and was given Prilosec for my reflux.

Not being a fan of pharmaceuticals, and having heard that zeolite is beneficial for that condition, I opted for it. My report today was no ulcers and the gastric reflux very minimal. So bring on the zeolites.
~ Regards, Margie

“A funny thing has happened to me. My immune system has been extremely weak the last couple of years. After age 65 it seemed I was getting my share and everyone else’s share of colds and sore throats. When I noticed that liquid zeolite supported a healthy immune system, I immediately started taking it. Over the last three months of rain and unusual coldness in the Pacific Northwest, I have not come down with any cold or flu like symptoms, even though I have been in close contact with friends and grandchildren who had colds, flu and upper respiratory problems. When I start feeling that something is trying to grab me, I immediately drop three drops on my tongue and swallow. And when I swallow my throat seems to immediately react favorably to the drops.

Although I take liquid zeolite three times a day, I sense that the bedtime dosage and early morning dosage is most effective for me. I am quite skeptical by nature, but this stuff is all it’s cracked up to be. I am a believer!”
~ Bob D.

My name is Anna, I’m 8 years old. I had a wart on my thumb the size of a pencil eraser for about 5 months. It was ugly, and I didn’t like it. I was biting the skin around it, so that the skin around it was pink and raw. I didn’t like people to see it.

My daddy gave me 4 drops 3 times a day of zeolite. Sometimes he’d put it on top of the wart. Then it got smaller and smaller, and then it was gone. Now you can’t even see where it was. That took about 2 weeks.

There was another bump that was around my finger nail on my other hand. It was bloody, and a brownish-red color. It was nasty. After about 3 weeks of taking the zeolite and putting it on the bump, I peeled it off. The skin underneath it was rosy and healthy when it peeled off. I like the zeolite. I put it in my family’s water pitcher in the fridge when my dad goes away. I take it every day because it’s good for me.
~ Anna from Kauai , HI,

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