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A high purpose is much more than simply what you do, it’s what happens to others because you do what you do.  Dave Johnson believes that when it’s done right, network marketing offers the greatest opportunity to do the greatest good for the largest number of people. He has been working in the wonderful world of network marketing for nearly 5 decades and has been fortunate to have been the top distributor in several of the companies to which he has given his heart and commitment. 

Dave knows intimately both the highs and lows that network marketing can bring.  He loves what he calls “the thrill” of building large and successful teams in a high-growth environment. He has also experienced the sickening feeling of being stuck for years in a company that was slowly deteriorating. He has been able to reach great financial highs, and he has also worked with companies that have failed and are gone.  All of these experiences have given him a wonderful life and a unique perspective. Through it all, he especially cherishes all of the friends he has madeand the opportunity to positively impact the lives of millions of people. 

Six years ago, Dave faced a personal health crisis which has ultimately led to a unique convergence of circumstances that restored his health while giving him a new calling.  He knew that his new mission was to help other people learn about this important discovery.  He is passionate about starting again in a business that has so much potential for good, and is excited to work with wonderful people who share his vision of spreading positive change.