What an amazing opportunity we’ve been handed

What an amazing opportunity we’ve been handed

Whenever you or I talk with someone, we could change their whole life! We are reaching out to invite people to become part of a fast-growing team, and together we are doing work that really matters!

Success is predictable; it’s like a recipe. If you combine the same ingredients again and again then the results become a certainty. We have a product that’s incomparable to anything else for its impact. We have experienced leadership with complete and total dedication and with amazing vision. Timing – everyone instinctively understands the power of being at the beginning of a new movement and the opportunity to climb to the top. And arguably the very best pay plan in the industry. The only unknown variable in this equation for fantastic is YOU…what are your plans, what do you intend to do with this opportunity?


The great focal point of life is when opportunity and preparedness meet!

I have a business!!! So now, what do I do?

Almost everyone has made this statement in their lifetime: “If I can really believe in something, then I can sell it! What an amazing opportunity we’ve been handed.”

So use these products yourself and become a raving fan; be your own best customer. Get on auto-ship.

Learn to tell good stories. A good story is almost hypnotic, stories easily go into the mind and can penetrate one’s heart.

Do lots of three-way calls and you will hear other people’s stories, which you can borrow. Soon you will start gaining your own stories as you use and share this amazing product.

You have joined a business where success is all about having lots of conversations consistently, over time. Learn to tell stories very well, tell them well, and tell them often! Create an official list of prospect s in order to manage your contacts and help in the follow up.

Contact people who you would love to have as friends anyway, who also are interested in health, they are ambitious, and hungry and are looking for solutions or opportunities. Get plugged into the community.

Avini Health Training Resources

Please note: This is a list of training resources for those interested in the Avini Health products or business. This list is maintained and shared by Rich Kotter, an Avini Health affiliate, and is not an official communication by Avini Health. Please contact me at email rkotter@gmail.com for any suggestions, additions, or corrections to this list.


Leaders create action where there wouldn’t have been action but for them. People do what people see. Success is in the doing. Success is consistent hard work. Average or ordinary just doesn’t pay very well! Dream BIG! Grow every day. Learn new things by plugging into great conversations you will find on the above links. Have positive expectations. Think BIG. Pray BIG. Have positive expectations and positive action. Make doing the business a part of your daily routine. Get going; there are people who need you!


Attitude is everything.

When you're presenting Avini Health as a catalyst for life unlimited just remember the prospect is observing you! Your energy, your body language, your posture! They're ultimately buying YOU. Prospects will know if you care about what you're doing or just trying to make a sale. They'll know if you truly care about helping them or if you're just trying to get them enrolled and move on.

When you authentically Love, Serve, Care,,, you become irresistible to everyone you share your crusade with.

Grow a reputation caring enough to make a difference. Every life you impact becomes an evangelist for your reputation. When you love what you do you'll attract more love. Your ultimate winning strategy is caring deeply enough to not let people say no. Not let people quit, not let people settle!