Title: NAVAN First Look

Description: We created a playlist of three short videos that gives the best introduction to NAVAN and the great products they offer.

Title: Daily Detox In 6 Minutes

Description: Rik Deitsch gives a quick and in-depth description of his zeolite product.

Title: Rik Deitsch Explains Why NAVAN Zeolite Is The Best

Description: Rik Deitsch talks about his process of making Zeolite for systemic detox and why his Zeolite is the best.

Title: How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Damage - Uni. of Calgary

Description: How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Degeneration University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine Dept. of Physiology and Biophysics This short presentation available on the University website clearly shows how mercury in fillings can destroy brain neurons as seen with people who have Alzheimer's

Title: NAVAN Rewards Plan Training

Description: Kyle Helm breaks down the NAVAN Rewards Plan piece by piece

Title: NAVAN Opportunity Presentation 01-14-'21

Description: NAVAN Opportunity Presentation by Founder, Trey Knight

Title: The NAVAN Story

Description: Get to know Trey Knight and how and why he started NAVAN.

Title: Two Zeolite Testimonies: A Dog and Dave

Description: It is hard to imagine the benefits of Daily Detox Plus, but no matter how healthy you think you are, there are times when you need a friend who knows something that you might not know. Dave is an example of that; but more than that, he has been a friend to several others that were faced with not knowing what to do next. Please watch and share this with others so they may know what Dave found by his experience.