The Job Interview!

Your Opportunity

I went to a job interview yesterday. When she asked what I wanted for compensation I replied:

  1. First, I would like to market products that everyone needs, nobody has, and they can’t get them anywhere else. They have to be life-changing.
  2. I would like a commission on everything I sell, and be paid weekly for that and for attracting other sales people who purchase a selection of products.
  3. I expect you to provide me with my own website and provide free online training and regional training in all the markets we do business in.
  4. When I bring in any new sales people, I deserve to be compensated for their sales and the sales of any new people they bring in.
  5. I would like the opportunity to rapidly advance within the company.
  6. When I do well, I expect lots of praise, recognition, and more bonuses. Did I mention being able to attend company conventions at no cost, and having the ability to defray my costs for the hotel and air fare through performance before the event?
  7. I would like my friends and family to work here.
  8. I also want to work from home, and have tax advantages normally only available to self-employed entrepreneurs.
  9. I want to be paid monthly based on the total volume of business everyone on my team generates.
  10. I want to be paid a percentage of the monthly commissions of the sales people I personally recruited for the company, and also a percentage of the monthly commissions of the people recruited by those sales people.

“So, when can I start?”

After the owner recovered from shock, she roared with laughter. “You must be sick in your head, or dreaming! You will NEVER find an opportunity like that ANYWHERE…and if you do, come back and see me, cause I want to work there too!”

So…I gave her the link to my website.

How is your job treating you?

Thank you
Dennis! (the real Jacob Wedge)

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