A Gut Health Triad Testimonial ~ Eric Hansen

The Gut Health Triad

A Gut Health Triad Testimonial

My name is Eric Hansen. For those who haven’t heard my story here it is. My drug addiction started beginning at 12 years old. I lived and battled this addiction until just 27-1/2 months ago. It led to me being in prison 10 times, and living most of my life in a state of guilt, shame, and fear.

During that 10th time in prison I made a choice to change. I work hard on my personal development, and have been consistent in making the changes necessary to become a better man. The changes I have made are tremendous, and I love who I have become. I live in a state of gratitude, and do my best to stay in the present. It’s looking too far into the future, or living in the past, that creates stress.

My mom was into gut health, and very passionate about it. Her sister died from C-Diff. Antibiotics killed off her good bacteria, and she suffered a horrible death. Her brother died of stomach cancer. I have had 7″ of my colon removed due to diverticulitis. I suffered for so long with that one.

I have stage 4 cirrhosis of the liver due to Hepatitis C. My liver function was a complete train wreck but has greatly improved since I started on the Triad. I have the bloodwork that says so. I have asked for my blood work results every time I go to the hospital, and the other night the doctor even did a liver run up for me just so I can compare. My enzymes (although still high) are cut in half from where they were before the Triad.
Anything that has to do with my liver has improved, including my platelet count. My platelet count was dangerously low, and had the doctor concerned. My platelet count is almost back to normal. As far as my sleep. I normally get 6-7 hours now. When I first started on the Triad, I had issues with getting 4-5. My digestion has improved so drastically. I used to go #2, 4-5 times a day. I now go once. My skin is much better too. I feel great, and very rarely take naps due to the fatigue caused by my heart issue, and my Hep C. I just have so much more energy overall, and both my recent endoscopy, and my colonoscopy came back with outstanding results for someone with stage 4 cirrhosis. The doctor was totally impressed with my results considering my issues, and my age.

You can’t imagine how I felt when I received the news about my Stage 4 cirrhosis. It was a lot of shoulda woulda coulda. My heart was pounding, and the fear was almost crippling. I had to regather my emotions to say the least. I wished I had done things differently. This was due to poor choices I made in my past, and not caring about myself, or my health.

It’s not too late to start to care about your health. I have changed my diet. I rarely eat fast food, and if I have to, I choose healthier. I try to stay away from processed foods as far as boxed goods, or frozen foods. I have increased my water intake to half my weight in ounces of water daily, and started on these products.

I take BiomeIX 2x daily, Happitides 1x, daily, and Hapihumol 1x daily. I have since added 5 squirts of Pure 47 under my tongue 2x daily this past month. I didn’t know that I could feel so good and am so happy I’m making better choices. This is my story, and my “Why”. I’m so passionate about these products.

Eric Hansen Testimonial

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