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I became interested in zeolite because of my father. Four years ago, my family had a big scare when my dad delivered the news that his doctor had told him that he had 5 lesions on his prostate, and some looked like they were already spreading! After pondering over what the treatment options were for him, we were worried what this would do for his quality of life and worse, what could happen if the treatment did not work.

Dr Isaac Johnson

My dad has always been interested in health and natural therapies. He talked to a friend who had overcome a similar diagnosis that was even further progressed. They had success using a specially processed zeolite, and my dad decided to give it a try. 3 months after his initial diagnosis he went in for a prostate biopsy and they could not find any lesions! The doctor still recommended performing the biopsy referencing the original image that had found the problem, just to be sure. A few days later the doctor called my dad to report the good news that nothing was there!

That experience motivated me to learn more about this special product that had made such a difference for my father. I wanted to learn the mechanism of how it worked. I was intrigued to learn that zeolites, particularly clinoptilolite with its negatively charged crystalline structure can remove toxins from the body. The honeycomb structure acts like a cage, entrapping the toxins and escorting them out of the body. I was thrilled to learn there was research backing the claims that taking the zeolite increased heavy metal and other toxin removal from the body through urinary excretion. They weren’t merely relying on hypotheses or anecdotes.

Of course this product makes no claims to treat or cure any particular disease. However, if you type anything bad you never would want to have into your browser, add with it heavy metals or toxins, you will discover an alarming connection between toxicity and everything that’s bad!

I learned the product was developed by a biochemist named Rick Deitch. His process created activated or purified clinoptilolite crystals with an average particle size of under one micron, allowing it to systemically move throughout the entire body. He also found a way to “activate” it by removing anything it had previously bonded to in nature, so it has optimum capacity to attract toxins.

I discovered that the company where my father originally purchased his product had stopped distributing Rik Deitch’s licensed formula and the quality significantly faltered. “If you want it done right, you probably are going to have to do it yourself!” Rik already owns his research lab and manufacturing facility. They have now launched Avini Health, their own “factory-direct” company using an even further improved process developed by Rik Deitch.

In Chiropractic school I learned that dis-ease is caused by thoughts, traumas, and toxins. Toxins have become increasingly difficult to avoid and they have a devastating impact on health. When they are removed, your body heals better. It has more energy. Cellular Defense, by Avini Health makes good sense!

Dr Isaac Johnson, D.C. – Beacon Chiropractic, Vancouver, WA
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What is Avini Health? Why are we different? Our Mission:

The Healthy Cell Concept: There are not thousands of different diseases, but only one disease: malfunctioning cells.

If the cells that make up your body are healthy, then you are healthy. Take care of your cells by providing them with all the nutrients they need, keep them free of injurious toxins, and disease will not happen.
– Harvey Diamond

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