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NAVAN’S Liquid Zeolite Daily Detox Plus is a proven product that already has a huge following. Biochemist Rik Deitsch has perfected the process of micronizing and activating zeolite clinoptilolite making NAVAN’S zeolite products the best on the market!

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Barb PPets General Health (Kimberly F.)

“Our pets test well when taking the special zeolite product and MD, too! Just had my precious Miss Emily’s blood panel done. Vet said it’s a good idea at 10 because they usually start having liver and kidney issues. HE WAS SHOCKED. She tested like a kitten. Love how these products help me love on my pets.”
~ Kimberly F.

MaryMELANOMAS (June and Mark L.)

My entire family uses many of these products but what I would like to share today is how liquid zeolite and a special mushroom product have helped our 12 ½ year old chocolate lab. Bear was diagnosed with melanomas on the roof of her mouth on Sept. 8, 2009. The cancer had also spread to her lungs. Our vet recommended surgery right away which is what we did. She came home from the hospital on Sept. 12 and at that time the specialists recommended chemo and radiation. We opted to give Bear liquid zeolite and a special mushroom product instead, and I am happy to say that Bear is still with us. Our vet felt that Bear would have only 2- 5 weeks after the surgery but we are now going on our 17th week. We were delighted that she was here for the holidays when our kids came home from school. She takes 10 drops of each both morning and night. We feel so fortunate to have
had these 17 extra weeks with Bear. And we know it is because of these products.
~ June

JenniferADD (Sharon, Omaha)

This is Sharon in Omaha. Don’t forget you have pets too that have problems. We have a little dog, and his eyes always water. It discolors the fur and gets crusty, and I know a lot of old dogs have that problem. I just started putting two drops of zeolite a day in his water, and he’s pretty clear of any kind of drainage. No more discoloration of the fur, so I figure it’s probably helping with a lot of other things too. That’s pretty cool. Sometimes the stuff around their eyes is so smelly if, for no other reason, you want to get rid of it for that reason.
~ Sharon, Omaha

7 Year Old SonDOG

Our pet basset hound has apparently — it’s a genetic thing about bassets – that he would wake up one day and be suffering and pain and limping, barely able to walk. The Vet gave him a prescription of pills that we had to force him to swallow and that sort of thing to help it out. And I thought, well, I’m just going to try using the zeolite. I thought at the time, it can’t hurt him, it can only help. And sure enough, the next time that he started limping again, I opted not to shove the pills down his throat, and I gave him a drop of zeolite in his food. The very next day, he was up chasing the kids, and I never had to make another trip to the Vet. I continued to use the product and I just noticed a much happier, you know, a much more vivacious dog. And so, remember to use it on your pets too. It is great. If you’ve got an ill little pet, help him out with zeolite. God bless, have good health everybody
~ Take care. Bye

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