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May You Never Know What You're Preventing!


A healthy and clean body can fix itself!!

Since we live in a world that’s riddled with toxins everywhere we go, something like this is needed more than ever. Daily Detox Plus™ is a specially prepared Clinoptilolite that’s cleaned and micronized down to .39 microns making it the most effective zeolite product on the market.

Come and learn more - meet some people who have profoundly benefitted through using it!

Special guest: Kyle Helm is a former professional rock ‘n’ roll drummer who toured the world with Chuck Berry’s band. He decided that being a husband and father was a more important and satisfying calling, and looked for a way to work from home. He has become one of the premier team-builders and top income earners in the world of network marketing. Today he is the founding sponsor with NAVAN Global and will be in Coeur d’ Alene ID, Pasco WA, St George UT and Kearns UT to help us launch an important and life-changing product based upon Zeolite.